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Phil then arrives and sends them away and they say they will be back. Keanu then finds cannabis in the bag and Dennis receives a text saying "you're dead". Keanu arrives and sends them away. Keanu decides to throw the bag in the canal, telling Dennis the gang will not return, but he later finds the garage has been burgled and vandalised by the gang. Jagger appears with the bag and Keanu tells him it is now over so leave Dennis alone, but Jagger says he will decide when it is over.

There, Keanu asks for the tools back that they stole but Jagger says they have sold them. Keanu then says he recorded Jagger's burglary boast and tells them to leave. The gang see Dennis watching them and chase after him, and he ends up with a bloody nose, while the gang beat up Keanu, stamping on him. Phil arrives and fights the gang off.

Jagger meets year-old Tiffany Butcher Maisie Smith and later takes her to the park to meet the rest of his gang, and he gives her alcohol. Tiffany admits to Whitney that Jagger is 19 years old but promises nothing sexual happened between them. It was reported on 24 August that year-old Jagger would be involved in a storyline with year-old Tiffany Butcher Maisie Smith in which he potentially grooms her, and Duncan Lindsay from Metro said that "His gift giving and manipulative behaviour are warning signs that he is grooming Tiffany".

It was announced on September 28 that Adam has been axed from the soap.

He will depart in December When Honey has toothache and unable to get an appointment with a dentist, Arshad arranges for Honey to see his foster son Adam at a dental practise. After the appointment, Adam asks Honey out for dinner. Rahman-Hughes' casting and the character of Adam were announced on 7 August Ray Kelly , played by Sean Mahon , first appears on 4 September Ray is mentioned several times throughout , as Hunter stays in contact with him.

Ray tells Mel he came because Hunter told him she was in trouble, but Mel says it was a lie. Ray leaves, but Mel later calls him. They meet and talk about their past, and he says he left his job in the police because he made mistakes after she left him and that letting her go was a mistake. She says it is too late and pushes him away when he goes to kiss her, but she then kisses him. Mel tells Jack that Ray is her soulmate and he has changed, but Jack does not believe it and meets a former police colleague to find out anything bad about Ray.

Ray does not turn up to a meal and makes calls in secret. Ray tells Hunter he is an undercover police officer but Mel cannot know about it; he gives year-old Hunter alcohol without his knowledge and him drunk and in agony. Ray then cheats on Mel with a woman called Gina. Jeff tells Ray he is thinking of moving to Albert Square; Ray fails to put him off so beats him up, saying if he ever returns he will knock out his teeth. Jack and Ray agree to call a truce but after a bruised Jeff tells Jack he is pulling out of renting a flat from him and sees that he is scared of Ray, Jack tells Mel that Ray assaulted his tenant.

Ray visits Jack and threatens to harm his children if he continues to talk about him to Mel. Mel then asks Ray to marry her again and move in with her. Ray realises Mel saw his bank balance so tells her that he is saving up to buy E20 for her. Louise Mitchell Tilly Keeper develops a crush on Ray when he calls her a "beautiful woman".

Ray gets a call and tells Mel he has to deal with a woman named Maddie at the police station. Mel contacts Maddie but Ray is not with her, so they meet and Mel finds out where Ray's regular pub is. Mel goes there and sees him meeting another woman, Jodie Katie Buchholz. Nicola tells Mel and Maddie that she believes Ray murdered his first wife, Dee, and the three women agree to get revenge on Ray. On the day of his wedding to Mel, he talks to her about knowing Nicola, during which she reveals she knows Maddie. He then strangles her to keep her quiet and goes to the wedding.

Mel recovers and goes to the wedding, much to Ray's horror. They marry and afterwards, Ray is arrested for bigamy after Nicola and Maddie go to the police. Ray later escapes from the police, however, he is shot and killed by his stepson, Hunter Owen. It was first reported on 1 July that Ray would join the series in the autumn. A show spokesperson said, "Now that Mel is settled after overcoming her initial challenges and has secured a job and built a relationship with Jack, it's time to weave in her first major storyline since her return.

And it is a big one—she really shouldn't trust Ray and he will make his presence felt immediately after arriving. It was reported that Ray's arrival would threaten Mel's relationship with Jack. My character, Ray Kelly is not one to tread lightly and his arrival to the Square will cause shockwaves for many of the residents His character brings to the show some very big secrets and we can't wait to watch them explode. Zara Highway , played by Faye Daveney , first appears on 10 September Zara departs in episode , originally broadcast on 28 September Zara arrives after Stuart is taken to hospital after being shot in The Queen Victoria public house.

Halfway tells her that Stuart was shot in the pub, leaving Zara to believe that one of the Carters is responsible for Stuart's shooting. After Halfway accuses her of not caring about Stuart, she slaps him. Halfway persuades her to stay in Walford. Stuart alleges Mick Carter Danny Dyer shot him when he regains consciousness. When he makes his statement to the police, Stuart picks at his wound with a fork to cause bleeding, which she sees, but Stuart promises to Zara that Mick shot him; Zara provides Stuart with an alibi on the day Mick went to Stuart's and Stuart wanted Mick to kill him.

Upon being discharged, Zara accompanies Stuart to The Queen Vic, where he offers to tell the police that Mick shot him accidentally in exchange for them to accept Mick is guilty and Zara believes Stuart. Zara is lured to The Queen Vic by Halfway in order for Mick's wife Linda Carter Kellie Bright to persuade her that Mick is not responsible and she visits Mick, showing her cigarette burns inflicted on her by herself due to having a childhood without Stuart present and wants him to confess.

Zara begins to doubt Stuart upon being told that Linda knew Zara's mother by both her and Mick. Zara walks out on Stuart. Daveney's casting as Zara was announced on the day of her first episode.

She first appears in the episode broadcast on 18 September , and makes her final appearance in the episode broadcast on 11 January Pregnant Hayley sees Bev and tries to avoid her, but Bev arrives at Hayley's home with flowers. Hayley sends her away but Jean Slater Gillian Wright convinces Hayley that Bev may be trying to make amends for the bad things she did in the past. Hayley speaks to Bev, who admits she messed up with Hayley but she wants to be a good grandmother, insisting she is not like she used to be. Bev says she works in customer relations, but later admits that she gets money through blackmailing married men when she threatens to send photos to their wives.

Hayley is disgusted when Bev suggests that Hayley should scam her baby's father, who is also married, and when Hayley catches Bev going through her bag, they start to argue. Bev tells Hayley she should have aborted her baby when she had the chance, like she wishes she had done when she was pregnant with Hayley, saying that she tried to. Hayley threatens to throw a bottle at Bev, but they just insult each other.

Bev leaves, and Hayley realises she is bleeding and begs Bev for help, but Bev gets in a taxi and leaves. Jean proclaims that Bev has no heart and tells her never to come back. When Hayley gives birth to her daughter, Bev shows up at the hospital and takes the baby and Hayley allows it. Bev shows Hayley how to feed the baby and suggests naming her Rose but when Hayley says she cannot be a mother, Bev says they will find a family for her and make money out of the situation. Bev surprises Hayley at the Slater house, revealing that she has been evicted from her flat and needs somewhere to stay.

Alfie Moon Shane Richie , who unbeknown to Bev is the father of the baby, now named Cherry, does not want Bev to stay in the same house as his daughter and convinces Ian Beale Adam Woodyatt to let Bev stay at his house.

Jean is upset when she finds out and she is angered when Kat and Stacey are nonchalant about it as long as Bev does not ruin things for Hayley. When Bev relates how Hayley's father was abusive and violent towards Hayley and her after Hayley was born, the revelation makes Hayley cry. Kat witnesses this and orders Bev to leave so Bev storms out of the house, insulting the entire Slater family. Bev returns to visit Hayley and Cherry. Hayley tells her to leave, saying she is not welcome, but Bev returns the next day, admitting she was staying with a friend, and apologises for her earlier mistakes.

She offers Hayley the chance to move into a potential new flat with her and Cherry, and arranges a flat-viewing later that day. When an exhausted Hayley falls asleep, Bev tries to take Cherry for a walk but Jean returns and accuses Hayley of drinking again when Bev says she is "sleeping it off". Though Hayley and Bev attempt to clear up the confusion, Jean sees sleeping pills that fall out of Bev's bag and accuses Bev of drugging Hayley and trying to sell Cherry again, which Bev denies. Bev tries to assure her her intentions are good but Jean refuses to believe her so Bev points out the times when Jean ignored her family's and Stacey's school's concerns about Stacey as a child, scaring Jean.

A furious Hayley orders Bev to leave. Outside, Bev cancels the viewing, revealing that she was being genuine. Inside Soap called Bev "a cruel, loathsome, remorseless beeyatch " and hoped she would return after her initial three-episode stint. Cherry Slater [] first appears on 30 October While Hayley is pregnant with her baby, she tells Alfie she has had an abortion and tries to conceal the pregnancy from the rest of her family, including her cousin, Alfie's estranged wife, Kat Moon Jessie Wallace. Jean Slater Gillian Wright realises that Alfie is the father but agrees not to say anything.

Children's services become involved when Hayley contemplates suicide. Hayley gives birth in a drugs house and passes out shortly after. They are found and the baby is healthy but Hayley takes her out of the hospital early and leaves her on the doorstep of foster carers Arshad Ahmed Madhav Sharma and Mariam Ahmed Indira Joshi. When the baby vomits blood, the Ahmeds meet Hayley in the hospital where Hayley tells social worker Hilary Taylor Sadie Shimmin that she can look after the baby, but afterwards, Hayley's mother, Bev Slater Ashley McGuire , takes the baby and Hayley allows it.

Bev shows Hayley how to feed her baby and suggests naming her Rose but when Hayley says she cannot be a mother, Bev says they will find a family for her and make money out of the situation. After Hayley tells Alfie the baby must be called Slater, not Moon, Alfie says he should be able to pick the first name, so suggests Cherry, his mother's name, and Hayley registers the birth. Evie Steele , played by Sophia Capasso, first appears in episode , which was first broadcast on 13 November Tiffany Butcher Maisie Smith encounters Evie in the local chicken restaurant and is immediately befriended by her.

When Jagger hassles Tiffany, Evie warns him away. Tiffany bunks off school to go shopping and eating with Evie; Evie admits she is an acquaintance of Jagger's and Tiffany should do some work for them to work off a debt. Tiffany is given a gift of expensive trainers by Evie and Tiffany decides to do some work to repay Evie's kindness. When Jagger requires a place to stay for a few days, Tiffany sneaks him into Ted Murray 's Christopher Timothy flat, however, more people show up and Tiffany discovers Evie is a drug dealer and in charge.

Tiffany demands they leave and threatens to phone the police, but Evie prevents Tiffany from doing so by claiming her family do not care. Tiffany visits Evie at Ted's flat to tell them that the Taylor family living above can hear them and Evie later thanks Tiffany for warning them as she prevented possible trouble with the police; Evie also assigns Tiffany another job involving drugs that requires Bernadette Taylor Clair Norris to go with her.

Bernadette is reluctant to bunk off school with Tiffany and Evie insists Bernadette needs to go with her so Tiffany does not stand out. Tiffany reveals to Bernadette about her involvement with drugs and Tiffany convinces Bernadette to go with her when she kisses her and the following day, Evie gives Tiffany the package. Billed as "a dangerous new friend" for Tiffany, who is a "bad girl", Evie impresses with her "boldness", which reels Tiffany in. Morag Morgan is played by Julia Hills. She first appears in episode , first broadcast on 22 November , and departs in episode , first shown on 17 December She appears in eight episodes.

She mentions that she once taught Lily Allen. Ian leaves when he thinks Morag is flirting, because he is the only male there, but Jean convinces him to return because Morag said she knows Alan Sugar and he will be at the concert. Eventually, Morag gives the solo to Jean, despite protests from Kim. However, Morag criticises Jean's imperfect performance and keeps the members practicing for over three hours, during which time, Morag also claims to know Imelda Staunton.

Morag tells Jean off for answering a phone call during practice and then tells everyone their vocals were awful, so Jean defends everyone but Morag claims that she knows better than Jean because she has more experience. Kim then reveals that she has looked Morag up on the Internet and she is lying about her credentials. Jean is almost mugged before going to one choir practice and Morag criticises her further, though everyone defends her. Morag ignores them and sends Jean to sing with the background singers, so Jean leaves. Ian then calls Morag a bully and everyone agrees, and they refuse to listen to her, turning their backs on her.

Morag demands that they turn around, but they ignore her, so she tells them she has washed her hands of them and leaves. Ian then takes over the choir. Following this, Jean discovers that Morag missed the deadline for entry into the Battle of the Boroughs choir competition, but the choir perform a carol concert in Albert Square on Christmas Eve. Hills' casting in the role of Morag was reported on 13 November The character, a choir leader, was described as "larger-than-life", "a big personality" and "bossy and boastful". It was announced she would appear in "several" episodes.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. List of EastEnders characters introduced in Main article: Callum "Halfway" Highway. John Yorke.

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BBC One. Digital Spy. Retrieved 16 November Retrieved 1 November Retrieved 16 December Retrieved 29 December Inside Soap. We're huge fans of Walford newcomers Mariam and Halfway. Tons of Charisma. They can stay.

Radio Times. Retrieved 2 January Retrieved 8 January Retrieved 30 January Retrieved 13 February Retrieved 6 February Hearst Magazines UK. Retrieved 21 December Retrieved 22 December Retrieved 28 December Retrieved 2 February They have a keen eye at the EastEnders casting department. Every time we look at Hunter, we see his father reaching for that deadly ashtray.

Retrieved 26 July Retrieved 28 March The Metro. Retrieved 9 February Retrieved 27 February Retrieved 30 October Retrieved 31 December Who is actor Steve Steen? Retrieved 20 February Retrieved 15 February Retrieved 26 February Retrieved 9 April Retrieved 12 November DMG Media. Retrieved 25 February Retrieved 16 March We think EastEnders is on to a winner with Keegan's charming-but-edgy dad, Mitch. Retrieved 13 March Entertainment Daily. Retrieved 16 April Retrieved 3 April Retrieved 10 April Retrieved 17 April Retrieved 29 March Retrieved 9 January Retrieved 4 July Wow, I still cannot believe it, what an amazing character to play with so much depth.

Thank you for all your loving messages and hopefully this is the start of many more opportunities to come, means so much to me. Retrieved 28 May Retrieved 22 May Emma Engers Associates. Retrieved 15 May Masood is dressed to impress for his big date with enigmatic Amal! Irish Independent. Retrieved 18 August The Sun. Bravo, pizza delivery lad. Retrieved 24 August Retrieved 13 August Retrieved 29 July Retrieved 11 July Retrieved 11 September Retrieved 6 December Retrieved 10 October Retrieved 17 November Retrieved 1 December EastEnders characters.

Present characters. Past characters. By year: Others: Flaherty family Dickens Hill inmates The Banned band members Characters from spin-offs. Categories : Lists of EastEnders characters Fictional characters introduced in in British television. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Gaeilge Edit links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Former; regular. Family Wife Mariam Ahmed. Iqra Ahmed Habiba Ahmed. Indira Joshi. Family Husband Arshad Ahmed. Denise McCormack. Former; recurring. Family Brothers Ray Kelly.

Aidan Maguire backstory. Tarrick Benham. Former; guest. Family Father Andonis Papadopolous. Amelie Smith. Charlie Winter. Family Father Steve Owen. Family Family Slater. Holly Donovan. Family Mother Tilly. Present; regular. Family Father Tony Baker. Chantelle Atkins Bailey Baker. Mackenzie Atkins. Mia Atkins. Family Father Bijan. Family Father Ted Murray. Joyce Murray. Family Sons Harley. Family Father Jonno Highway. Callum "Halfway" Highway. Rina Diamond. Family Wife Carmel Kazemi backstory. Ash Rizi. Family Father Umar Kazemi.

Kush Kazemi Shakil Kazemi. Natasha Jayetileke. Family Father Asir Hussain. Niall O'Mara. Aaron Thomas Ward. Present; regular departing. Family Sisters Ciara Maguire. Family Father Stuart Highway. Ashley McGuire.

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Present; recurring. Bert Moon Ernie Moon. Sophia Capasso. Milo is an associate of Aidan Maguire Patrick Bergin , who is the passenger in a van that Aidan is planning to rob at gunpoint, while Robert, an associate of Ciara Maguire Denise McCormack , the victim of he robbery, is the driver. Milo's plan is to give Robert directions, but Robert insists he knows the route and tries to go a different way, though Milo convinces him to follow his directions. When Robert calls Milo a "snake", Phil punches Robert in the face. Orli Shuka [1] [23]. Alexandra D'Sa [21]. A police officer investigating a robbery and shooting in Walford.

Miranda Keeling [21]. A doctor who performs a test on Abi Branning Lorna Fitzgerald to check for any reaction following her brainstem death. Abi shows no reaction but her father, Max Branning Jake Wood insists she did, but Dr Notley insists as it is the second set of tests she has received and that Max needs to think about switching off Abi's life support.

Peter Hamilton Dyer [21]. A medical negligence lawyer for Ledwood Solicitors visited by Max Branning Jake Wood , who wants to stop doctors turning off life support for his daughter, Abi Branning Lorna Fitzgerald. Harry says that brainstem death is irreversible but when Max insists that Abi has shown a reaction, Harry says they can take out a court order. Russell Barnett [22]. When he questions why they are there, Aidan claims to be a vicar, and Mr Brown asks Aidan to perform a short service in the chapel.

He is impressed when Aidan speaks in his native Irish and reveals that he hated his mother-in-law. Anton Saunders [5]. Harriet Green [6]. A police officer who helps in the search for Daisy Amelie Smith when she goes missing. Jon Ewart []. Blake is a man who Tiffany Butcher Maisie Smith meets after she runs away from home. Blake comments that Tiffany looks like her online photos and asks if she is 16, to which she lies and says she is. They both smoke drugs in Raf's car whilst Tiffany is in the back seat.

She leans over to the driver's side to unlock the doors and then runs into a car park where Blake and Raf chase her.

Your Lunar Eclipse Weekend Focus for February 10, 11 & 12, 2017

James El-Sharawy []. Uncredited [8]. A woman who works on Bridge Street Market. Uncredited []. A customer in The Queen Victoria pub who plays cards with another man. Sebastian Abineri []. A jewellery dealer who Mick Carter Danny Dyer contacts about a ring. Georgina Redhead []. Alexander Newland []. A police officer who investigates a break-in at the Albert bar, and he knows the owner, Vincent Hubbard Richard Blackwood from his times as a police informant.

After finding out that Vincent is selling the bar even though business is good, Adams tells Vincent that he should come to the police if he is in trouble but Vincent says he can handle it. Goldy Notay [19]. Noor comes for dinner but goes to leave when she thinks Masood wants a wife, saying she is only there to keep her mother happy. Masood says he is meeting her for the same reason, so they go for a drink in The Queen Victoria where Masood tells Noor about his money problems, she offers Masood her business card mentioning if he every needs advice on Business Law or Divorce he can call her, they then go their separate ways.

Uncredited [25]. Cathy Walker [9]. A social worker overseeing the adoption of Daisy Amelie Smith. Viktoria visits the Ahmeds with Dan and Ashley and talks to Ashley about concerns he has raised and says the adoption can go ahead. Jamie Newall [9]. Mr Smythe is aware of what happened through Les and is disgusted with Billy, refusing him a trial.

Uncredited [37]. A woman who works in the Minute Mart shop. Katrina Nare [].