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Do you see Mercury ☿, the messenger, also in Aquarius? Do you see Juno, the flower on a cross in pink, sandwiched between, the Moon and.
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GVA has got me feeling in control of … well pretty much everything. I can choose how I want to harness the potential within my own vibration. On the flip side, the Sun and Mars in my 11H have got me reaching out to all the people, making connections, checking in, etc. Which is unlike me.

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But I feel good about it. So I should be quite prepared. I ask myself how this combo is even a think sometimes. Hi all! Anyway, I have studied my chart for the Lunar Eclipse of 7th August …. I somehow need to amp up my self-beliefs…I do tend to sway a bit in this area. When looking at this as a whole I had a thought of studying with a university abroad online distance-learning which would prepare me better for when I finally go abroad to study for a degree. I love how much awareness you have here, on your desires, goals and ways and means you might reach them.

I think you are going to like the technique we will introduce on the next call, one that has the potential to change these deeper feelings of limitation. For now, with the eclipses, be open to new discovery, about yourself, and your potential, which truly is limitless! New beginnings around destiny? I think it would be amazing to pay attention to the dynamic between the North and South Lunar Nodes and how you feel about either end to the polarity.

Hi Kim, could you explain how we find out where Leo is for the Solar Eclipse? All I can tell is Leo is in my second house at 13 degrees. Hi Julie, you have this! If you go forward the signs move counter clockwise you will see 6 degrees of the next sign, Virgo, on your 3rd house cusp. That means the exact opposite signs are on your opposite houses, 13 Aquarius on the 8th house cusp and 6 Pisces on the 9th house cusp.

Make sense? Here is a video tutorial that shows how to create your chart, find your ascendant and any house cusp, but I do think you have this already.

A powerful mentor or connection enters your life for a new collaboration or support via loan, grant, financing? Could you share a bit on the meaning of the North and South lunar nodes on the line — what is the significance of that? It reaffirms your goals and direction in life, where you need to create balance and the emphasis of your desires and direction.

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In your case, you look to 2nd house home of the North Node and ask if you are self-sustaining. Are you standing on your own, esp financially? Are you living your core values and allowing YOU to support you. You may simply come to a sense of peace around joint earnings or funds from others, freeing you up to attract more on your own. The shift could be subtle, seen more in hindsight. I have just found a job that pays double of what the previous one did with nicer people so far.

It took 9 months to manifest. I need to pay my credit cards. My real aim is to get my business at a self-sustaining level. My Uranus squares natal Moon in 10th and is ruler of Asc, the eclipses will be aspecting it. Hopefully the powerful, mentor collaborators will mamifest and my businesses get off the e ground quicker.

Solar ECLIPSE in Aquarius Feb 15 Astrology Numerology Forecast: Embrace & Explore!

The right path is my own business. But at the moment the job which values my skillset and helps me pay off debts is important. But then the Universe can help me manifest it instantly, maybe the powerful mentor and collaborator can help me do that. Thanks for this, Kim! I watched the video as well, super insightful. Both the 7th and 21st eclipses are happening in my 11 Leo and 5 Aqua houses. The Solar Eclipse on the 21st is happening at am my local time. Is that true or mean? I wonder if something from the past is resolved?

Resolve would be fantastic, and in all honesty I feel a lot of that bubbling to the surface for some processing. But the cool part is, I am in the right place for it on many levels. I am taking advantage of that spreadsheet all the things!!! But that is more surface. We'll experience a partial solar eclipse on Feb. The good news?


It's basically all positive. During a partial solar eclipse, the moon, sun, and Earth don't quite line up perfectly, which means that the moon only casts the outer part of its shadow on Earth, according to Time and Date. From our perspective, it looks like the moon has taken a bite out of the sun. Note that, during a total solar eclipse, the moon more fully blocks the sun from our view.

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  • The next partial solar eclipse will start at p. While the visual impact of the partial solar eclipse might be somewhat diluted, the same can't be said for its astrological impacts. It will force us all to step outside our comfort zones. You're a natural at kickstarting projects and campaigns, Aries, and the partial solar eclipse offers prime conditions for you to start bringing people together for a cause that matters to you.

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    You may feel even more inclined than usual to initiate something important or to help others. According to Stardust, "new career goals and a promotion are in the stars for you.

    SOLAR ECLIPSE – 15 FEBRUARY 2018: Photographic (You take pictures)

    Brace yourself for positive feedback from your colleagues and supervisors, and give yourself license to really lean in to your professional pursuits while the opportunities are available. Is the daily routine bringing you down, Gemini? The partial eclipse may have you feeling stir crazy in your own life, which means it's an ideal time to plan a spontaneous adventure.

    Request a personal day or throw together a quick weekend getaway. Wait 'til you see how much better you feel after some time off from the usual grind! Cancer, Stardust advises you to "step into your power" and "be a boss in both your personal and work life.