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AP Four Oklahoma teen agers were killed Sunday when the car in which they were riding collided with a train inside the city lim-. Martime Union officials asked president Johnson today to in- tervene personally in a labor dispute over the loading of wheat for Russia to avert "an international crisis. Rey- nolds, sent here by the presi- dent. The unanimously adopted res- olution by the Maritime Trades Department accused Hodges and the commerce department of becoming "an agent for profit-hungry operators.

They said the late President Kennedy had pledged this but that now federal offi- cials were claiming not enough American vessels are available. Shipping hi foreign flag ves- sels is generally, cheaper. Peter M. The second session of the 26th j Parliament opens Tuesday after- noon. Facing the Commons and j the Senate is a long agenda of controversial and complex mea- sures.

For a review of possible legislation facing Parliament see Page The proposed legislation will be outlined in the speech from the throne.

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That will signal the start of an explosive session that will see Opposition Leader John Dief- enbaker ready to capitalize on any major difference that might develop between the government and the combined opposition to force dissolution and an early election. Museum conservator P.

Roberts Jones told reporters the painting was worth at least Belgian francs But he said this fig- ure would probably be greatly exceeded in the unlikely event the painting was put up for sale. The thief or thieves entered the museum through a glass roof from a scaffolding on houses being built behind the museum. They climbed down a foot rope ladder, took the painting and escaped by the same route.


The painting, by the 17th-cen- tury Flemish master Peter Paul Rubens, measures 20 by 25 inches. The stolen painting is well known in Belgium because it is reproduced on the back of the franc bill. Emile Students Ride Twenty-one Roman Catholic children got an unexpected ride to their parochial school this morning but the man who gave them the lift says they are on their own tomorrow.

Thiessen, president of Thiessen 'and Grey Goose Bus Lines, said he sent a special bus out to pick up the children and take them to St. Emile parochial school this morning, so that ne- gotiations between the children's parents and the St. Vital public school board could be conducted in a calm atmosphere.

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Thiessen said the bus making two round trips out to St. Vital would cost his firm about Mothers of the 21 children had threatened to walk with their children to St. Emile school about four miles this morning if the students weren't permitted to ride the public school bus to class. Spokesman for the parents Mrs. Champagne said today she didn't know what the parents would do if the children didn't get a ride tomorrow morn- ing.

Phone GRoVer be- Lweon i is among the hundreds-of bar- gains in today's classified sec- tion. No matter what you need, shop and save in Free Press want ads. However, just what will be done will be decided later to- day. Vital public school board revoked the children's passes Thursday and confiscated them Friday after it was learned the children used the passes to ride the bus to a parochial school. The passes were issued Feb. Emile to Lavalee public school across How- ever the passes were used.

Champagne said today she: was "really surprised". She said an attempt by parents to buy passes' on, the. He can make things dif- ficult for Prime Minister Pear- son's minority administration. This will be a "make OP break" session for Mr. Diefenbaker as well as- for Mr. The second budget to be intro- duced by Mr. Gordon will be of paramount importance to the prestige of the Liberal govern- ment. It will show a large deficit.

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In northern New Brunswick, fire raced through a1 store early this morning, claiming three lives, two of them children. The blaze at Tracadie, N. Dead are his sons. Claude, 13, and Paul, 10, and his mother- in-law, Mrs. Ernie Hubert, The storm hit the Maritimes Sunday with heavy snow and mile-an-hour winds. The re- sulting drifts halted ground transportation in most areas, and airline flights were. Another fire at Annapolis Royal, N.

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But he also made clear Sun- day that any new international peace-making force should be sent there only by agreement among Cyprus and the three treaty guarantors of her inde- Greece and Turkey. When asked him whether he expected a resolu- tion would be put before the nation council, replied: "I think there must be a resolu- tion. Going to the meeting in the newly renovated West Block, Mr.

Pearson told a reporter, he does not expect to make-an- other speech to.

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November's nar- row winner and gave the yi'ar- old statesman the commanding mandate he asked lo guide lliem through the Cyprus crisis. Nearly complete returns from the voting Sunday showed tho Centre Union had won to seats in the mcimber sin. Papandreou's party to rule j with an absolute majority in the next four years. Four families fled turmoil in Iran to start a new life in Canada. The MPP for Don Valley East is proposing that public transit fares be eliminated to get commuters out of their cars and onto trains, buses and streetcars.

Arlington National Cemetery is the final resting place of more than , American soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines. The former governor of the Bank of Canada says the key to economic stability is comparing how much money a government is bringing in to how much it spends on servicing its debt, Heather Scoffield writes. Province testing a pilot program near CFB Trenton to ease move to civilian life and create job opportunities.


The death of a year-old First Nations man in the early morning hours of Sept. Khalil Wheeler-Weaver is accused of murdering three women and attempting to kill a fourth, and authorities say that Sarah Butler, a year-old college student, was his final victim. Britain is under international pressure to give up control over Chagos Islands, its last African colony, which it bought from its then-colony Mauritius in They suffer from higher rates of physical ailments, such as hypertension and high cholesterol, as well as problems such as depression.

Kawhi Leonard knocked OG Anunoby out of the game early with an accidental poke to the eye, and the Raptors ran out of steam late in the second game of a tough back-to-back in Los Angeles. But perhaps this is precisely what they are, Rosie DiManno writes. Money talks on the free-agent market, and the Jays have a load to spend. A front-loaded offer to the top pitchers available makes so much sense that it will never happen. As the oilsands become a harder sell, bitumen may find profitable future in carbon-fibre-framed EVs.

Speculation about the mysterious headliner in the Dodger Stadium parking lot show ran toward Frank Ocean. A year-long investigation by more than journalists from nine universities and 10 media organizations collected 12, test results that measure exposure to lead in 11 cities across Canada — 33 per cent exceeded the national safety guideline of 5 parts per billion. Health Canada recommends that tap water sit for 30 minutes before sampling; in the U.

Is the sweeping advice to reduce saturated fat — found in butter, cheese, steak — and replace it with unsaturated fat suitable for all Canadians? The hospital and doctors deny wrongdoing. In the GTA it takes on average of 10 years to complete a typical highrise project and 11 years to complete a typical lowrise project and that is simply too long to stave off our housing-supply crunch, writes Dave Wilkes.

A co-listing agreement where each spouse has their own real estate salesperson can be very effective if a couple who are splitting up decide to sell their house, writes Joe Richer. Always describe the lot dimensions accurately in the purchase agreement, writes Bob Aaron. Successful at everything automotive, business great has bought Indy assets. Brand celebrates 60th anniversary with event for owners and fans to celebrate their passion.